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here are the biggest cultural differences I've noticed between the 2 countries

I was a 19 year old freshman, and everything seemed new and different to me. Not only was I trying to make new friends and adjust to college samsung galaxy s6 edge coque noir life, but coque iphone 8 plus monster I was learning to live in a completely foreign culture, too.

Three years later, I noticed samsung s7 coque 360 many cultural differences between the two coque iphone 6s sense 8 countries I lived in, from Americans relationship with money to the way they eat at restaurants. In many aspects of life, Chinese people couldn behave more differently.

In coque samsung note 3 n9005 China, however, restaurants pay their staff a fixed income. Servers focus more on getting food on the table quickly rather than taking their time and treating the customers like their friends. And waiters in China coque samsung galaxy note coque iphone 6 8 blanc are still just as willing to accommodate you if you want to modify your order.

Shopping at the farmers markets is more expensive than the food in coque iphone 8 minnie et mickey grocery stores

Arina P Habich/ShutterstockIn China, grocery stores are where you buy the most expensive food.

In the US, when people think of farmers markets, they often think fresh, juicy tomatoes or organic eggs from samsung s5 active coque local farms. In many cases, produce at the market coque iphone xs militaire is more expensive because of its high quality and freshness, even when compared to the organic goods sold at chain grocery stores.

Meanwhile, in China, grocery shopping at a supermarket is the more expensive way to buy your food.

For many Chinese people, coque samsung a10 going to the local farmers market is part of their daily routine. Every morning, vendors come to the market and set up their booths, selling everything coque iphone 8 manga naruto from spices to seasonal fruits and vegetables coque samsung a50 to even live fish.

Grocery stores tend to be more expensive because it harder to keep the produce fresh while being transported long iphone 8 plus coque leather distances. However, stores offer a cleaner and less chaotic shopping atmosphere than markets, which is why some shoppers prefer them.

People don usually bargain at markets in AmericaBargaining isn really an American thing. Once the price is set, the shoppers either accept it or move on. However, one can bargain for pretty much everything at a Chinese market. Your bargaining skills can get you cheaper groceries!

In China, even college students can afford to dine out every day

Chandan Khanna/AFP/Getty ImagesEnjoying a meal with friends doesn have to be a coque iphone 8 plus simili cuir stress on your budget.

The food industry in China is massive and diverse, from hawkers on the street to high end dining places.

For college students in China, dining outside of school cafeterias is affordable. One can buy a bowl of noodles at a noodle shop for about $US1.