And I understand Obama saying he not yet the president

GREEN BANK, WV JUNE 07: The Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope as seen at night in Green Bank, West Virginia on June 7, 2019. Note that the array of small green dots in the lower right portion of the photo are of blinking fireflies. That said, this needs to stop. We need a cease fire. And I understand Obama saying he not yet the president, but where then is our president? Where is the leader of the country that armed and backs Isreal? We need a leader!.

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I don get why you would have to lie about it. Said, lies are what I find most troubling. He didn even know who he was sending these images to! He lost my vote and I think he should resign. There was a time when penmanship was a required part of a student's education. Copybooks with large sweeping Os and notes on the Palmer method were the "writin' " part of "readin', writin' and 'rithmatic." But the ideal of clear handwriting, and even the use of pens and pencils, seems as archaic as the buggy whip. The snick of the word processor's keyboard has replaced the scratch of pen on paper..

"I'd say it's about 100 percent I'd vote for Obama at canada goose uk black friday this point. She hasn't really said anything constructive. And she's been a little negative and smug.". So I am brining in religion. Re Legion of Mormomnism. Your Mitt Romney, a mormon, believe in these tower of bable stories.

The Preeident felt the urgency to become more aggressive while Romney was content at remaining passive and non confrontational. In essence, Romney seemed content to rest on his laurels while Obama was attempting to reverse momentum. Personally, I beleive Romney will say or do anything to become President.

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We as a nation are much smarter and intelligent people than Palin and we deserved much better international representation. Sad day for us Americans. She never returned the funds for the Bridge to Nowhere.. I hate to say this but aren you at least a little responsible when it comes to doing research? I read the FIRST autopsy ONLINE the day it was completed. I HEARD the eye witnesses talking the day of the shooting in a phone conversation that day ONLINE. These internet skills are no special ability they are simple tasks we use to search out the facts.