If they succeed the whole world will be plunged into World War

How did we get here

buy canada goose jacket a) The plane from Ukraine went off course, tried to go back on course, went off course again and then disappeared from the radar. buy canada goose jacket

b) canada goose outlet italy A military Ukrainian plane was detected in the close vicinity of the plane from Ukraine before it went down.

canada goose coats on sale c) The BUK missiles as seen from satellite pictures, were held in the hands of the Kiev military and were moved, a cheap canada goose day before, closer to the vicinity of where the plane from Ukraine came down. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose Jackets Russia has urged the USA to do same and present whatever Satellite evidence they have and contribute to the investigation. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose clearance The USA came up with cheap Canada Goose two pieces of "evidence," a You Tube video that was faked, splicing various pieces of conversation together and posted 36 hours before the plane came down, and a diagram that was not from any satellite photograph and looked like a grade 2 piece of artwork. canada goose clearance

canada goose uk outlet Although the area was declared a no combat zone so that further investigations could be carried out, the Kiev junta continued to bomb Donesk, amid growing reports that many of the Kiev militia who were coerced into fighting for the junta against their will, had deserted. canada goose uk outlet

By the end of this week, the Kiev government was throwing punches https://www.naslsoccerbowl.com at each other and in total disarray. Yets, ( Nuland's lap dog) resigned. The EU deal in conjunction with the IMF, that had caused the civil war in the first place, was not passed in government. As a result Yets walked off centre stage and we will most probably not see him again. Chocolate King remains.

The background story behind all this chaos is the determination of Brezinski to fulfil his wet dream of crushing Russia and taking control of Eurasia. He has laid this all out in his work, "The Grand Chessboard."BZ, whose ancestry comes from the black nobility in Ukraine, and a Jesuit, has an inbred hatred and determination to bring Russia under the control of Western Europe. 1,000 years ago the Russians converted to Orthodox Christianity as opposed to becoming Roman Catholics. Between the black nobility of Europe and the Vatican, the aim was to extend the Holy Roman Empire from Sea, ( Portugal) to canada goose outlet toronto factory shining Sea (Vladivostok) The Russians with their religious beliefs and their determination to remain an independent people, have stood in the path of this canada goose outlet toronto address plan.

Historically, the Prussians failed; Napoleon failed; the communist Bolsheviks failed to turn Russians into atheists they remain steadfast Christians to this day; Hitler failed and now under the umbrella of the created and engineered chaos in Ukraine with the support of the USA and NATO, the attempt will be made again. If they succeed the whole world will be plunged into World War 3.

canada goose store See: Ukraine is the incubator for WW3Eric Blair has laid out the steps that in the last year have led to this point in time. Hopefully his list will help readers to gain some clarity and understanding in the face of screaming headlines that are not reporting the facts, but propaganda in order to justify the drums of war: canada goose store

canada goose black friday sale "Here are 25 recent events, or data points, that our rulers hope we forget when they blame canada goose outlet the collapse of the old world order on Russia: canada goose black friday sale

canada goose US spent $5 billion to destablize Ukraine, not to mention amazon uk canada goose the millions NGOs spent on "opposition groups". The State Department was even caught playing kingmaker in Ukraine in secret recordings during the takeover. November 21st, 2013 Ukraine's President abandons an agreement on closer trade ties with EU, instead seeking closer cooperation with Russia. On 22nd protesters took control of Kiev and Parliament votes to remove president from power. April 30th Newly installed regime in Kiev receives $17 billion from the IMF for "economic reforms". Appears to be classic false flag event after the West immediately blamed Russia citing sketchy YouTube canada goose online uk videos. July 2014 US announces yet more sanctions on Russia canada goose.