Its more important that he understands its our country and

pick up a shovel and start sandbagging

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The Zimbabwean election is no difference.The current stand off between Zanu PF and the MDC Alliance may find resolution in court, but the crisis will continue politically. A coalition government will off course be a disappointment for the opposition who worked hard to secure what they claim to be an electoral victory, but it may be the best way to secure the wider public interest of Zimbabwe.Mnangagwa and the Zanu PF leadership will be mistaken if they used an iron fist to crush the MDC Alliance's rejection of the presidential election results. Zimbabweans are now emboldened by the fall of former Zanu PF strongman Robert Mugabe.

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canada goose chateau parka black friday Bravo Mr. President! Bravo Madam Speaker! We didn elect you to be warm, friendly, and to be loved. We elected you to fix epic, intractable, long standing problems before it all goes to hell. Its more important to me that he understands the economy and understands right from wrong. Its more important that he understands its our country and that its our decision on where to take it and not the congresses. I want a president who is first Human and understands other than just the top 400 in this countries needs. canada goose chateau parka black friday

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