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Christ on a bike. coque huawei coque iphone coque samsung I've debated with people like you in the past and I've learned from experience coque huawei p9 lite brillante it's not worth it. coque iphone bracelet bijoux iphone case The responses are always exaggerated, misquoted, misleading and/or sometimes ignorant.

I'm not going to say that you don't know a lot about this type of technology, it's more that you're conflating things deliberately.

For example, I refer to the resilience coque samsung rigolote of the system and the ability to resolve valid responses with a large margin of error. coque samsung coque samsung j3 2016 game of thrones I'm talking about CAN Bus which uses 5V signals. coque samsung coque iphone If you're not even going to consider that and jump immediately to some coque samsung galaxy s6 edge plus priceminister level of precision that exists elsewhere on coque huawei p9 lite tigre blabc the system, then I'm coque samsung galaxy note 9 pas cher not sure I want to engage further because of that issue alone.

Okay here we go:

I never said I was a mechanic.

All cars after 1996 do not have CAN.

The resilience, again, is coque samsung 360 f in the system, no coque samsung j5 2017 game of thrones one was talking about the resilience of the wires.

I didn't claim coque samsung galaxy j5 or 2016 they coque en silicone huawei p9 lite weren't using sensitive signals, I said coque samsung j3 monster energy they wouldn't put the sensitive signals being discussed here across a main loom.

Fibre optics is a different technology, nothing to do with the validity of repairing a wire. coque samsung coque iphone It's just irrelevant.

I didn't say a single thing about whether they put sensors in other parts of the car, stop lying.

They don't put coques p9 lite huawei sensors inside wiring looms.

The voltages used are not 'precise', they have large margins of error, that's part of the resilience designed into the system.

The computer does not coque samsung galaxy 13 get confused between 1s and 0s, that's not how it works.

You've listed a whole load of points coque samsung s8 plus maroc critiquing me, most of which was just made up. coque iphone coque huawei coque huawei If you know so much, please explain to me why CAN is used in cars

I've tried to reply politely to everyone but your accusations are ironic considering you seem to be the most ignorant person who has responded coque samsung galaxy a5 2016 game of thrones to me.

Cars often use data buses coque samsung j5 2017 mercedes such as CAN Bus to transmit data around. iphone 11 case coque samsung coque samsung These are very resilient and they coque samsung galaxy a3 carrefour don't just have 1s and 0s get confused like you suggested.

You've also pointed out about fibre optics which was an entirely irrelevant point considering we were talking coque huawei p9 lite winnie about actual wires. coque huawei iphone 11 case coque samsung Please explain why the fact that coque huawei p9 lite 3d disney some cars have fibre optics matters in coque samsung galaxy a5 2016 olympique de marseille this case

I'm far from kase coque samsung a5 2017 ignorant, I literally studied this stuff and have many years coque samsung s8 vandenborre of experience fixing vehicles with multiple coque samsung s7 equipe de france types of data systems.