I explained what happened to my senior

Licensed Counselor of Social Work, a legal distinction not made in the degree, but requiring the therapist to undergo examination for licensing in that particular state).There is also a distinction between a (licensed) clinical social worker and a general social worker. To become a clinical social worker, I told many graduates of the social work degree then go on to a two to four year institution to get more specialized training in a particular type of therapy or milieu. It should be noted, though, that this training is not required by most states for a person with a degree in social work to do psychotherapy.The terms used to describe social workers vary from state to state, and may include such titles as: Licensed Counselor of Social Work, Counselor of Social Work, psychotherapist, therapist, etc.General description: Medical degree with a specialty in psychiatryPsychiatrists start out as regular doctors, traditionally with four years of medical school after college.

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