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Everything exploded through the CASEZA Custodia Designer Phone Cover For iPhone iPhone 8 Plus/Custodia iPhone 7 Plus Nero Zurich air this Wednesday. Work published a action guide in the workplace in relation to Covid 19 that bothered the employer to generate alert and confusion by not corresponding, in his opinion, with the assessment of the risk made by the Ministry of Health. They also question the suggestion of resorting to teleworking as Cover custodia con sportello trasparente per Apple iPhone 6/6S a preventive measure, given that in many cases, for example in sectors such as the hospitality industry, is unfeasible because it would end up completely paralyzing economic activity.

The kwmobile Apple iPhone 6 6S Cover Custodia in silicone TPU per anger in business organization is considerable, especially since they have had no voice or vote in this guide. In a joint statement, CEOE and Cepyme They denounce that the document prepared by Labor Sbs Cover iPhone XS Max Custodia Apple Smartphone a libro PU + TPU has not had the participation Cover Case Audio Tape Black iPhone 4 4S – Macmaniack COVER per Iphone 11 / Pro Max CUSTODIA CASE TPU SLIM ELECTRO VETRO of the companies also of the unions although they had requested it. Labor sources say they sent a draft to the employers and unions and although from the CEOE confirm that this text arrived, they clarify that it was Tuesday night, with no time frame to make allegations.

From the Ministry insist that the guide does not introduce any change in labor legislation and simply is limited to collecting the regulations in force since 1995 Asked about the tone of which they COVER CUSTODIA PER IPHONE 7 e 8 IN SILICONE FRONTE YIMAOC film Pulp Fiction Soft Case TPU Silicone Cover for iPhone 8 RETRO REMAX RM-1635 have been accused, they clarify that paralysis of the activity is the last scenario, which is Custodia iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Cover iPhone 7 Custodia Trasparente not happening even in Wuhan, but the government has to be prepared for everything and answer the questions of the companies that were calling us for lack of supplies Advance, yes, that of carrying out exceptional measures those contemplated in the Statute of Workers or the Law of Prevention of Occupational Risks will be discussed with social agents.

Another issue that has not sat well in business circles is the legal uncertainty caused by the Ministry of Labor when publishing a guide Huawei P8 Custodie Portafoglio Custodia In Pelle Custodia Da unilaterally, when Moncloa has warned that all the management of the coronavirus crisis corresponds exclusively to the Ministry of Health and any initiative in this regard must previously go LeYi Custodia iPhone 6S iPhone 6 Cover con HD Pellicola Bumper TPU through the interministerial commission created for this purpose. An uncoordination Le 10 Migliori Cover per iPhone 8-8 Plus e iPhone 7-7 Plus that they deny from Diaz surroundings: all times we have been coordinated with Sanidad and Moncloa knew Custodia iPhone XR 7 8 chiaro cristalli liquidi gel di silicone that the guide was being prepared and was going to be published, they settled.

Nor did employers like the Social Security criteria that considers any period of preventive isolation to which workers are subjected as a result of the Cover 03 Nude per iPhone 11Puro virus as a situation of temporary disability derived from common disease. This criterion set off alarms in business organizations because of the derivative invoice for companies having to bear the cost of those losses from the fourth day to the fifteenth, when the payment of the benefit would begin to be assumed by the mutual accidents of work or by the Social Security body to which it corresponded.

For all this from the employers warn that the coronavirus is going to affect the economy and it is not the time to generate more doubts from the political sphere. They warn that if the fear that is generating the effect of Covid 19 on economic activity is added tax increases and changes in labor matters, uncertainty will skyrocket. And in this context they already warn that they will Apple BT-MGR92ZMA Silicone Custodia iPhone 6 Plus Nero Cover IPhone Sono Necessarie not accept the new rise in social contributions that the Government has underway. According to him draft of the Royal Decree Law to which the Information has had access, the intention is to raise the maximum contribution base by 2.8%, up to 4,184 euros.

In addition, in the CEOE and Cepyme employers there upset because this draft that has leaked to the press It has not been sent to their organizations and, therefore, its content Recensione: Moshi Sensecover per iPhone 6 il nuovo riferimento has not been consulted, much less agreed upon. is not what they transmitted to us when they took office, that everything was going to happen through social dialogue, denounces a source close to the negotiating table with the Government. One more reason to end the truce.

In any case, employers flatly reject any rise in social Silicone Cover For Glitter Case Iphone 6S Bling Girl Pink Purple contributions. They accuse the Executive of eagerness to collect and squeeze SMEs to square public accounts. The economic moment does not accompany, because the deceleration adds the impact Custodia Remix in Motion di Tech21 per iPhone 11 – Orchidea of the coronavirus and the coup could seriously affect job creation. That is why the employer asks the Executive for caution when making decisions in labor matters and, once the is over, it will not put the easy things on the negotiating table on which they are dealing with at the moment sensitive issues such as outsourcing, ultraactivity or the prevalence of agreements…