Came back to the farm for afternoon chores and there

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping The outbreaks were reported at Community Bridges developmental disabilities residential facility in Belmont, with two residents and four staff members testing positive, and Greenbriar HealthCare nursing home in Nashua with 10 residents and no staff being positive.Of the 149 new cases, 51 were staff and residents at Villa Crest in Manchester, according to Health and Human Services Commissioner Lori Shibinette.The state continues to increase its daily testing for COVID 19 and now is averaging 2,000 tests a day with two new testing sites expected to open up in Londonderry and Keene by Sunday.Shibinette said one percent of the state licensed long cheap jerseys term care bed capacity has been lost to death from COVID 19, up from.7 percent last week. Rhode Island reported 5.7 percent and Maine.4 percent, she said.Shibinette reported eight new deaths with six at long term care facilities.Today, about 28 percent of New Hampshire 74 long term care facilities have at least one case of COVID 19, while Massachusetts, by comparison, has 50 percent.Shibinette said about 60 percent of the residents of the state nursing homes have been tested for a baseline and thousands of care providers. She said she is hoping that will be completed in the next week.She also noted that the state is developing a team that could be deployed in an emergency to nursing homes when staff is highly impacted by COVID 19 and there are not enough workers to care for all the residents.Shibinette said the idea for the team came from shared information between states and it is intended for use in a crisis Cheap Jerseys free shipping.