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I honestly could give a fuck when someone tries to slam me from a shin block and spur(I had it happen and never had it feel a legitimate threat). You on your side and above them, and you be slammed on your side with very little risk of whiplash/getting your head slammed. And that considering if they … [קרא עוד ...]

I had been itching to go back to blogging few weeks ago

A QUICK GLANCE is the ninth version of LLYNGEE's blog. "So I practically filled this layout with pictures of myself.knocks her head. I had been itching to go back to blogging few weeks ago Cheap Jerseys china Cheap Jerseys china, thus, I made a new layout for a grand come back to motivate me to post … [קרא עוד ...]

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The increasing cheap canada goose assaults on the health care system come as the war pitting pro government militias against an eastern commander Khalifa Hifter has expanded beyond the Libyan capital in recent weeks. Late last month, government carried out an air attack on Hifter's main air base in … [קרא עוד ...]

Probably not very many, maybe I'll make a commercial

The group used publicly available geo spatial files from the website of a Shell contractor and re constructed the route. It also analyzed publicly available permits filed with the Pennsylvania DEP to access information on the Pennsylvania portion of the route, but did not verify the data with … [קרא עוד ...]